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Welcome back to Western Harbour!

The Burnetts


Meadow is pregnant again!

I have to say she is my favourite at the moment, she is just so cute!

It's a pity the same couldn't be said for her daughter Tiger Lily, poor unfortunate girl...

The Watsons

There was bad news at the Watsons this week.  Avri's motives were all full but he just got out of bed and died!  I don't know what was going on there.  And that is the end of the Watson line.

The Burnetts II

Arum is aging well.


As is husband Ricky.


Son Kennedia is doing well in the Law Enforcement career.

And here is Mimosa with Kennedia's son, Uncinia.

They decided to buy a parrot.


Mimosa met Stephen.

And didn't waste much time!


Yep!  You know what that means!


The Grigors

Pao is at the top of his career and has too much free time.


Narcissus is looking for love.


And lots of it!

The Youngs

With six in the household it's pretty crazy.

David grew up.

And met Sophie.

She thinks she's got herself a great catch!


And it didn't take long before she was in the family way.

Sister Suzanne also grew up and had her first kiss.

And the gypsy came by and dropped off a magic lamp.


You can guess what Serious wished for!

The Youngs II


Rachael is pregnant with their first child.

Is that a parrot I see?!

And she gives birth to a son, Wolfbane.

The Melvins

Flax proposes to Goopy.


Followed by a quick marriage.

Galax doesn't want to be left behind so asks Christy to move in.

It looks like Flax has a rival!

But as she has her head stuck down the toilet she doesn't notice.


And Ophrys has an embarassing accident!


Christy falls pregnant.


So Galax decides they need to find a place of their own.

The Thains


Jonquil meets Calista.


And Larkspur tries to.... umm... impress Craig...


Calista moves in.


And Larkspur doesn't want to be left behind, and proposes to Craig.


Yes, there are alot of pregnancies this week!

The Burnetts III

Camellia is another one at the top of her career with too much time on her hands!


But she still makes special time for Kennedy!

Eldest son quicken grows up.


I would keep him away from her if I was you!

So he turns his attentions to.... someone else (can't remember her name).

And the whole household has gone Smustle crazy!

Rampion and Stock.


And I'll leave you with a picture of Camellia!

Edit:  I forgot to add the stats this rotation, but the population reached 280 unlocking the Education career.


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