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The Burnetts

Youngest daughter Valerian grows up... she's just as unfortunate in the looks department as her sister...

A son this time, Xique-Xique.

They just can't stop themselves!  Don't you just love ACR...

Meadow even looks cute as a mascot!

Tiger Lily practising her one-liners.

Valerian... it's a slight improvement.

And Xique-Xique... not too bad!

The Burnetts II

Mimosa is pregnant with her first child.

Uncinia grows up.

And Stephen works out.

Birth time, a girl called Yulan.

The oldies...

Kennedia opens an electrical shop and brings the family along.  Meadow decides she needs a new TV.

Mimosa brings Meadow home from work....

... and she's 8 months pregnant!

Yulan as a toddler, what a cutie!

Kennedia gets another visit!

The Grigors

Narcissus buys a piano.

And flirts more... alot more...

And thinks she's a good dancer!

Finally finds true love, well for now at least, with Randy London.

The Youngs

Phlox tries to catch dinner.

Sophie has a baby boy named Zacam.

And Suzanne loses her mind!

Phlox opens a flower shop and nursery.

Serious grows up...

... and so does Kelly Kelly.

And Zacam becomes a toddler.

Suzanne has a baby to her teenage crush (can't remember his name!).

It's a girl called Abelia.

Since the house is getting crowded Phlox, Suzanne and Abelia move out.

I'm quite pleased with how the Young's house has turned out, even with all the additions.

The Youngs II

Rachael is brought to tears by the sight of Mitch washing himself with the kitchen sponge.

Wolfbane becomes a child.  Hmmm... I think he needs a haircut!

And Rachael is pregnant again.

The Melvins II

Christy has a baby, a boy called Basil.

And promptly falls pregnant again!

Basil grows up, isn't he adorable!

And he is soon joined by a little sister, Candytuft.

Basil looking cute in pink.


The Thains

Craig gets himself a job.

Calista looks adorable!

Jonquil in the bath!

And a new arrival, Dilem.

Larkspur doesn't want to be left out...

She always has to outdo her sister-in-law!


... and Evergreen.

Looks like there might more soon!

But Calista is pregnant again too!

Dilem  grown up.

OMG!  There must be at least 3 in there!


... and Evergreen.


The Burnetts III

Camellia and Kennedy...

They're still very much in love!

I'm guessing this is Rampion all grown up, but it could by Stock, they look so similar!

The Melvins

Flax has a baby, Fig.

Ophrys has his first kiss with Chloe.

Another baby on the way...

Or is it two!  Okra...

... and Olaga.

And I'll leave you with a picture of Fig as a toddler.


Rotation 10
Number of Sims 42
SM 9
Population 378

Athletics - unlocked
Business - unlocked
Criminal - 2
Culinary - unlocked
Law Enforcement - 4
Medical - 0
Military - unlocked
Politics - 0
Science - 5
Slacker - unlocked
Adventure - 0
Education - 1
Gamer - 0
Journalism - 0
Law - 0
Music - unlocked
Artist - 0
Natural Science - 0
Paranormal - 0
Show Business - 0
Architecture - 2
Dance - 1
Entertainment - 3
Intelligence - 2
Oceanography - 0

Taxes: $50,215

Burglaries - 3
Electrocutions - 4
Fires - 8
Community Lots - 10
Total Lots - 19
Business District - unlocked

Date: 2010-11-02 11:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Things seem to be going really well in your BaCC! You have so many attractive sims. I am quite jealous. :)


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