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Friday Morning



The Pleasants


Angela and Lilith board the school bus.


“Emo girl!”





Mary-Sue walks to work.


Daniel opens his diary.

Dear Diary, I don't know what we are going to do with Lilith, she is such a angry young girl. I can't believe she shaved her hair off! Why can't she be more like Angela, she's like a ray of sunshine in my life, so pretty and nice, just like a good daughter should be...



The Goths

Alexander walks to school alone.

Why can't I go to the normal school like all the other kids? Private school sucks. All I want... all I want is a friend...

On the other side of town.


The Brokes


*scrub scrub*

I wonder where Dustin was sneaking off to this morning. I hope he wasn't going to meet those guys from work... I don't trust them. Maybe he was going to walk Angela to school, she's such a pretty girl, shame about her sister...

*scrub scrub*

Those leftovers Chinese food must have been off... it had only been in the fridge 4 days... never mind, I feel better now, better out than in as Skip -sniff- used to say.


“Hey sweetpea, how's my big boy doing? Shall we practice our alphabet?”

Next door.


The Oldies


“So Coral, have we any exciting plans for today?”

“Yes, Herb! I thought I would do some sewing and maybe you could tidy up the garden. And if that isn't exciting enough for you we could take a walk over to Main Street and see what they have on special today.”


“Yeah, that sound just great dear...”


The Burbs


“Hey dad! Look at me!”

“That's great Lucy! Can I try?”

“Sure! Just put your legs like this, and do this with your arms... see!”

“That's the bus Lucy, have a nice day at school.”

“Thanks mum, bye dad!”


“Hmm, waitress? I don't think so! Security? Nope!”

“Jennifer, I thought we came here to relax and enjoy the good life? There's no need to rush out and get a job just yet.”

“John, would you look at our house! We haven't even got a plasma! And those Ikea prints are so... cheap!”

“I like those prints...”


The Dreamers


Dirk catches the bus.

*wolf whistle*

“Would you look at that haircut! Lilith, you get more gorgeous every time I see you!”

Bills, bills bills... where do they come from!


I hope this one sells well, if I don't get enough money to pay the bills they're going to send round the bailiffs.

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