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Saturday Morning

The Goth/Lothario Wedding Day


I wish we could have a maid, it's not like we can't afford one, but last time I phoned the Agency they sent round that Kaylynn girl.


"Lilith!  Get up!  You know I've got to go over and help Cassandra get ready!"
Oh no, her bed's not been slept in.  Why does she have to choose today of all days.  That's just like Lilith, selfish!  She never thinks about anyone else... I'll have to get Daniel to sort things out, I've got to go to the Goth's.

"No it's not my problem!  Today I am going to be Cassandra's Matron of Honour, grow some and sort this mess out!  I'll see you all later."


"Yes, officer, that's right, her bed hasn't been slept in."
"Okay, I'll see you soon."


I wish we had a maid, I'm going to ruin my manicure with all this cleaning.  The sooner I get a job the better!

"Again daddy!  Again!"
"I think you've got this dancing lark down to a T now, don't you?  Why don't you go hop in the shower so we can get you dressed up all pretty?"


"So this isn't the first time she's ran away?"
"Umm, no."
"How many times has she ran away, exactly?"
"Exactly?  Well, ah, about 23."
"No, dad it was 24, remember the time when she was 8?"
"Oh yeah, I forgot about that time.  Twenty four."
"And has she ever stayed out overnight before?!"
"Well.. once or twice..."
"Five times dad!"
"So let me get this straight, she's ran away 24 times and stayed away overnight 5 times, and you've never reported it before?"
"That would be correct."
"So why are you wasting my time this time?!"
"Well, you see, we've got a wedding to go to, and my wife is the matron of honour, and she's going to be real mad at me if I don't turn up with Lilith."
"So the real reason is, you're afraid of your wife?"
"Yes sir!"

"I'm fining you $500 for wasting police time!  If your daughter doesn't turn up in a couple of days, call us again, but not before!"
"Yes, sir."


I hope everything goes smoothly today, that son of a gun better turn up!  Cassandra deserves some happiness, I just wish she would look for it someplace else.


Don will take one look at me and leave her standing at the alter, I'm going to look drop dead gorgeous!

Just you wait Don, you'll be seeing these tonight!


Would you look at the bags under my eyes!  I'm going to kill Nina!

A bit of concealer and hey presto!  I'm gorgeous again!


Even I have got to admit I'm stunning!  I can see Mortimer getting down on one knee tonight...


This is the only dress in the wardrobe that fits me!  I'll need to start a diet on Monday, no point starting one today, not with all that wedding cake.

It doesn't seem that long since Skip and I got married, and now I've got teenage son and another that will be starting school soon!  Where does the time go?

"Hey mum!"
"Hi Dustin, where were you last night?"
"I went over to Angela's after school then I had work."
"I wish you would call if you're not coming home."
"Well if you let me have a mobile phone I would!"
"You know, there are such things as landlines, I'm sure the Pleasants would let you use their phone."

"I'm sorry mum, I'll try and remember next time."
"Okay son, now go and get yourself ready for the wedding."


I can't believe Cassandra is going through with this.  Can't she see what a player this Don guy is?  She deserves someone better, someone who loves her...


Okay, maybe this wasn't such a good idea... but I just can't help myself...


"You're hair looks beautiful Cassandra!"
"Thank you Mary-Sue!  You're looking real pretty today!"
"Thanks, shall we get you into your dress?"

"Oh, I'm so nervous!  What if he doesn't turn up?  I couldn't bear to be left at the alter."
"Don't be silly!  That's not going to happen."
And if it does I'll personally go round there and kick his ass!


"Hi Alexander, you better go and put your suit on, the guests will be arriving soon."
"Do I have to?"
"Yes you do young man, give me five... now off you go!"


"Wow!  All the girls are going to go crazy over you today!"
"Oh Cassie, stop teasing!"





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