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Oh my god he's here!  He actually turned up!  To be honest I wasn't entirely sure he would...
Maybe Don's not as bad as I thought, I didn't actually think he'd go through with it... but as long as he makes Cassie happy, that's all that matters, and would you look at the smile on her face!
Look at Daniel, sitting there all handsome... and there's no sign of that cleaning girl.  But where is Lilith?  

This day is just going to be perfect, I can feel it!

I can't believe Don is doing this, I thought he would pull out at the last minute... it should have been me!  It should be me!  And who the hell is that weird lady behind me?

Well this is it! I can't believe I'm standing here...
Well this is it! I can't believe I'm standing here...

"With this ring..."

"... pronounce you man and wife."

Phew!  I did it!
What have I just done?
Where did Mary-Sue go?  What's going on?

"You may now kiss the bride!"

What is he doing?  I can't believe he went through with it!  Look at my dress!  I look amazing!
What is Cassie thinking of!  I'll kill that Don Lothario!
Sob! Sob!  It should have been me!  I even wore my special dress...

"Don!  What the hell are you doing marrying her!  I paid a fortune for this dress, you were supposed to dump her at the altar!"
Okay, okay, take a deep breath Cassie... just ignore the jealous bitch... Don married you not her...


"Don!  How could you!  You told me you loved me!  You told me we would get married and have babies!  You told me I was the only one!"


"But Kaylynn... I... I..."
"Save it Don!  You can take you empty promises and shove them where the sun don't shine!"

"Darren!  What are you doing?"
"That's for making me think you were special, for making me think you cared about me!"
"But Darren!"
"No!  Just leave me alone Cassandra!"

"Dad!  What's going on?!"
"It's Daniel and Mary-Sue!  They're... they're having a fight!"
"On my wedding day?  Some people have no class!"

"Maybe you'll think twice about calling me a philanderer in public!"
"But I saw you leering at her, the cheap tramp of a cleaning lady!  Didn't you just see her throwing herself at the groom!"
*swoon*  Dominant men make me hot!
"Miss Pleasant?  Are you okay?  Would you like to sit down?"

"Keep your filthy paws off him, he's mine!"
"Well, last time I looked he was Cassandra's!"
"Just keep away!"
"You are so sad, I can't believe you turned up in a wedding dress!  Were you expecting him to marry you?"

"Well, listen to you, Miss I've-Spent-A-Fortune-On-My-Dress!  Did you think he'd take one look at you and call off the wedding?"

Smile Cassie, come on, you can do it... he's married you remember...
Okay, let's try and keep this show on the road, cake, that's next....

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