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Okay, I've been having fun playing my BACC but I've been very lazy about updating.... very, very lazy... and I'm such a procrastinator there's no way I'll ever get round to posting it all so here is a huge catch up post:

The Burnetts

Tabitha and her husband Shea, had 2 more children after Arum, named Caladium and Camellia.  Tabitha and Shea have passed away and Arum and Camellia have moved out, leaving Caladium with his wife Meadow and two children Tiger Lily and Valerian.

Caladium - Science - owns Club Tiki
Meadow - Athletics

The Melvins

Balsam finally found himself a wife, Shelby, and they had three children, Flax, Galax and Ophrys (right to left).  Balsam and Shelby passed away leaving the three children to choose their own paths.

Flax - Law Enforcement - owns Dance Heaven
Galax - Architecture

The Grigors

Dahlia Grigor was a new CAS sim who married the mailman Pao (thank goodness for default face replacements!).  They concentrated on their businesses, The Boardwalk, Bon Appetit and Card Shark Lounge.  Their daighter Narciccus was a late surprise.  Dahlia died leaving the businesses to her husband.

Pao - Culinary - The Boardwalk
                           - Bon Appetit - Level 5
                           - Card Shark Lounge

The Watsons

Eglantine Watson was another new CAS sim, whom I decided would not have a regular job or a wife.  He loved to paint and opened a home business Art Shop. He adopted a son, Avri.  Eglantine died leaving Avri on his own, I haven't decided whether he will be allowed to marry or will have to adopt.

Avri - Athletics - Art Shop

The Thains

Heliotrope, an alien, and his werewolf wife, Iris were another 2 new CAS sims, they had 2 gorgeous little werewolf offspring, Jonquil and Larkspur, before passing on.

Jonquil - Business
Larkspur - Slacker

The Youngs

The Youngs were a CAS family I made when I opened the Business District.  They consisted of a mixed bunch of Kelly Kelly (from my NLC3 legacy), Serious (my entry from GoS Good Genes III), Rachael (moved out), David and Suzanne, plus born in game Phlox (on the right).

Kelly Kelly - Athletics
Serious - Architecture
David - Entertainment
Suzanne - Law Enforcement

The Burnetts II

Arum Burnett moved out of the main household and married Ricky Cormier (who lost his dark skintone when I changed my defaults!!).  They had two children, Kennedia and Mimosa.  Kennedia also fathered a daughter, Uncinia, by alien abduction.  Ricky owns a grocery store.

Arum - Slacker
Ricky - Science - Apples & Pears
Kennnedia - Law Enforcement
Mimosa - Athletics

The Youngs II

Eldest daughter, Rachael Young, moed into her own place with her boyfriend Mitch.  I haven't played them since they moved so I'm not sure what Mitch does, if anything!

The Burnetts III

Last rotation Camellia and her family moved out of the family house as it was getting overcrowded.  She is married to Kennedy and they have 3 boys, Quicken, Rampion and Stock.

Camellia - Business
Kennedy - Criminal


Rotation 8
Number of Sims 30
SM 8
Population 240

Athletics - unlocked
Business - unlocked
Criminal - 1
Culinary - unlocked
Law Enforcement - 3
Medical - 0
Military - unlocked
Politics - 0
Science - 5
Slacker - unlocked
Adventure - 0
Education - 0
Gamer - 0
Journalism - 0
Law - 0
Music - 0
Artist - 0
Natural Science - 0
Paranormal - 0
Show Business - 0
Architecture - 2
Dance - 1
Entertainment - 3
Intelligence - 0
Oceanography - 0

Taxes: $31,217

Burglaries - 3
Electrocutions - 4
Fires - 8
Community Lots - 6
Residential Lots - 15
Business District - unlocked

Date: 2010-10-12 08:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your BACC seems to be doing really well so far! And all of your sims are so good looking! I am jealous.

Date: 2010-10-12 11:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's awesome. =D


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