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The Thains I

We start off with a birth...


Dilem grows up.

As does Leek.

More babies..

And some departures.



Dilem is quite handsome!

Pansy is a cutie!

Peach... well a new haircut would help!

I told you a new haircut would help.

Time for Jonquil to depart.

And off to the cemetary.

Dilem isn't having much luck!

Dilem is doing lots of skilling as he is off to uni!

The Youngs III

A welcome visitor!

Suzanne with Abelia.

And Abelia as a toddler.

Phlox becomes a man.

Phlox meets LaShawn.

And quickly porposes...

... and marries....

... and...

His business Flowers'R'Us is doing really well.

And you wouldn't believe the indisgressions that go on in the flower shop!

Abelia is a pretty teenager.

Suzanne is upset when Pholox and LaShawn move out.

But she has her own business to keep her busy...

... as well as doing well in the Police Career.

The Melvins II

Basil grows up...

As does sister Candytuft.

I can't get over how young Galax looks!

Aren't they cute kids!

A random ACR moment with one of her husband's work colleagues!  Her first kiss!!  She's had 2 kids!  How can it  be her first kiss?!?

And then Galax ages to elder

Whilst Christy jumps into bed with aforementioned work colleague!

Basil is soon to be off to uni so he needs to brush up on his gaming...

The sleep of the innocent!

Galax doesn't want to go...

But her does and off to the cemetary so I can get the Supernatural career opened!

Christy ages and doesn't take it well!

The Burnetts III

Rampion finds himself a girlfriend.

Kennedy reaches the top of the Criminal career.

And promptly ages to elder.

The Cemetary business, available for weddings, funerals and general grieving.  Owned by Quicken.

I think this is one of Anna's sims.

Quicken tries to impress her.

The oldies still have it!

Camellia reaches the toop of the Business career, caching!  Another sub-hood!

Quicken as a teen...

... and an adult!

Rampion sneaks out with his girlfriend.

But gets caught!

Quicken proposes.

Camillia passes away (you know where she's going!)

Rampion catches his girlfriend flirting with Stock, it's hard to keep up with who's dating who!

Rampion grows up.

Off to the cemetary...

Quicken and Ivy get married.

Isn't she pretty?

Rampion and Chloe don't want to be left out!

Another pretty married into the family.

And it's not long before the babies start arriving...

First born Ulex.

Stock grows up to look just like Rampion.


A family smustle!

More babies!

Twins!  Zumi and Ziziphus.

And even more!  Twins again, Inkberry and Ironwood.

And we'll leave you with Quicken wondering where all these babies came from!


Date: 2011-01-24 07:39 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kizzy_sims
Wow, your BACC is fairly going busy! xD I am loving all your sims, they're so cute :D Have you got pretty far with this then? (Sorry, I tried to count up but couldn't :$)

Really enjoying it though :)


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